stainless Steel sculpture

Mirror polished stainless steel sculptures are very popular in modern public art due to their attractive finishing and flexible fabrication. Compared with other metal sculptures, stainless steel sculptures are more suitable to decorate the places with modern style, including outdoor garden, plaza, shopping mall and hotel decoration, because of their unique ability to resist corrosion and heat damage. Here we’d like to show you the selected successful projects.

stainless steel sculpture 01

Moon Over Water

A large metal sculpture “Moon over Water” was installed in Tianjin Cultural Center, China. Its total height is 12.8 meters and was fabricated in stainless steel 316l, designed by Shangxi Zhu. The creative inspiration comes from the concept of “Moon” of traditional Chinese art culture, which expressed that moon is quiet, gorgeous and magnificent.

stainless steel sculpture 04

The Start Statue

This 8m height The Start Statue was made of stainless steel 304 with gold leaf finish, located in Macau. It means that we need to start fast enough and win the start of running race in our life and work.


stainless steel sculpture 03

Homing Birds

“Homing Birds” is a 12.3 meters height stainless steel art sculpture with mirror polished, matt and gold leaf finish, which was designed by Prof. Zeng Zhenwei. This sculpture is made of stainless steel 304 and the base is black marble. According to designer’s explanation,the sculpture shows that there are more and more people who living in modern city, Guangzhou, especially the white-collar workers, they treated is as their own home, the nest of birds,and reflects the modern city of humanistic thought and nature in the form of modern design.

stainless steel sculpture 02


This 50cm height Waving sculpture was cast in stainless steel with mirror polished finish for hotel decoration.


Post time: Mar-09-2023