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  • Azerbaijan Project

    Azerbaijan Project

    Azerbaijan project includes bronze statue of President and President’s Wife.
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  • Saudi Arabia Government Project

    Saudi Arabia Government Project

    Saudi Arabia Government project consists of two bronze sculptures, which are the large square rilievo (50 meters long) and the Sand Dunes(20 meters long). Now they stand in Riyadh and express the dignity of government and the unite minds of Saudi People.
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  • UK Project

    UK Project

    We exported one series of bronze sculptures for United Kingdom in 2008, which was designed around the content of binding horseshoes, smelting, materials-purchasing and saddling horses for the royal. The project was installed in Britain Square and still show its charm to the world at present. Wha...
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  • Kazakhstan Project

    Kazakhstan Project

    We created one set of bronze sculptures for Kazakhstan in 2008, including 6 pieces of 6m-high General On Horseback, 1 piece of 4m-high The Emperor, 1 piece of 6m-high Giant Eagle, 1 piece of 5m-high Logo, 4 pieces of 4m-high Horse, 4 pieces of 5m-long Deers, and 1 piece of 30m-long Relievo expre...
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