Artisan Works devotes in excavating sculpture arts , expanding traditional engraving craft and focusing arts history with more than 40 years.

Our orientation: Arts and life combines perfectly all the time. Possessing exquisite traditional craft and modern design to present artistic sculptures with craftwork spirit to the world .The engraving art architecture encompasses decoration sculpture, municipal sculpture for garden & park decoration and developing the cultural and creative business.

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  • Explore The Symbolic Meanings And Messages Conveyed Through Bronze Sculptures

    Introduction Bronze sculptures have long been revered for their ability to convey deep symbolism in various realms of human expression. From the realms of religion and mythology to the vibrant tapestry of cultural heritage, large bronze statues have played pivotal roles in embodying profound mess...

  • Stunning Mythology Theme Marble Statues to Elevate Your Design Layout

    There was a time when ancient humans created images in the caves and there was a time when humans became more civilized and art began taking shape as kings and priests supported various art forms. We can trace back some of the most iconic artworks to ancient Greek and Roman civilizations. Over th...

  • The Elegance of Dolphin Fountains: Perfect for Interior Decor

    INTRODUCTION Welcome to an interesting and educative read on the topic of dolphin fountains! Fountains have evolved in modern times to represent anything in a sculpture. From animals to mythical creatures, there is no limit to what can be created. Dolphins are interesting creatures that are often...

  • The Bean (Cloud Gate) in Chicago

    The Bean (Cloud Gate) in Chicago Update: The plaza around “The Bean” is undergoing renovations to enhance the visitor experience and improve accessibility. Public access and views of the sculpture will be limited through spring 2024. Learn more Cloud Gate, aka “The Bean”, is one of Chicago’s mo...

  • History of Fountains: Explore The Origins of Fountains And Their Journey Till Present Day

    INTRODUCTION Fountains have been around for centuries, and they have evolved from simple sources of drinking water to works of art and architectural masterpieces. From the ancient Greeks and Romans to the Renaissance masters, Stone fountains have been used to beautify public spaces, celebrate imp...



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