Oneida India unveils the Oneida Warrior statue to commemorate the Oneida hosting site

Rome, New York (WSYR-TV)-The Oneida Indian Nation and officials from the City of Rome and Oneida County unveiled a bronze sculpture at 301 West Dominic Street, Rome. This work is a life-size bronze sculpture of a Oneida warrior with three bronze plates in the background.
The sculpture is to commemorate the historic Oneida removal site, which was an important area for transportation, trade, commerce, and strategy during the War of Independence.
This place helped shape the war effort, because Oneidas helped American colonists defend Fort Stanway from the British siege, and their subsequent victory helped change the momentum of the war.
“Acknowledging the contributions and sacrifices of our ancestors is one of the most important priorities of the Oneida Indian Nation,” said Ray Halbritt, the representative of the Oneida Indian Nation.
Halbritt said: “As we continue to make progress in creating a truly inclusive community, this beautiful tribute will remind us never to forget our collective past and help visitors understand the role of the region in the founding of the nation. The role of.
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Post time: Jun-01-2021