Life Size Boadicea And Her Daughters Bronze Horse Sculpture For Garden

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Our bronze sculpture statue is not only of high quality, because we are a carving factory. Therefore, our products are direct factory quotes. We could provide you with the best quality products and services at the best price.

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Hebei, China
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antique color,Bronze color
Metal, copper,bronze,brass, Metal
60-80cm life size
Decoration,Art & Collectible,outdoor
brass busts
Antique Plating
morden, Nautical
Casting, Casting
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Home Decoration
TV & Movie Character
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 Life Size Boadicea And Her Daughters Bronze Horse Sculpture For Garden

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Boadicea And Her Daughters

Raw Material:  Bronze/Copper/Brass
Size Range: Normal Height 0.5M to 1.0M or Customized
Surface Color: Original color/ shinny golden/imitated ancient/green/black
Concerned: decoration or gift
Processing: Hand-made with Surface Polishing
Durability: valid with temperature from -20℃ to 40℃. Away from hailstone, frequently rainy day, heavy snowy place.
Function: For family hall/indoor/ temple/monastery/fane/land scape/ theme place and etc
Payment: Use Trade Assurance to Get Extra Favor! Or by L/C, T/T


Boadicea  04

Boadicea and Her Daughters

The life-sized Equestrian monument of Queen Boudica is a stunning and powerful work of art. The statue depicts Queen Boudica, the warrior queen of the Iceni tribe, riding a chariot pulled by two horses. Boudica is a powerful and determined woman, her face set in a grim expression. Her hair is wild and windswept, and her eyes are filled with fury. The horses are rearing up on their hind legs, their muscles straining. The statue is a powerful and majestic depiction of Boudica, and it is a reminder of her courage and defiance. Located at Westminster Bridge, London, United Kingdom. This wonderful piece of art was Photographed by Chris Karidis


The statue is made of bronze, which is a durable and long-lasting material. The bronze has been polished to a high shine, which reflects the light and creates a beautiful interplay of shadows. The statue is also well-detailed, with each muscle and vein of the horse’s body rendered with precision

Boadicea 02

The statue is a work of art, but it is also a functional piece. It can be used as a decorative piece in a home or office, or it can be used as a fountain. The statue is also available as an exact replica, which is sculpted by the artisans at Artisan.

Artisan boasts an exact replica of this famous horse statue sculpted by its artisans and is available for sale. The replica can be made of high-quality bronze, stone, or marble as all these are customizable options at Artisan and is a faithful reproduction of the original statue. It is a beautiful and impressive piece of art that would be a welcome addition to any home or office

Boadicea 01


The statue is a powerful symbol of courage and defiance. Boudica was a warrior queen who fought against the Roman occupation of Britain, and she is a symbol of hope for those who are oppressed. The statue is a reminder that even in the face of overwhelming odds, it is possible to fight for what is right

The replica is a beautiful and accurate representation of the original statue. It is a perfect way to bring the power and beauty of Boudica’s story into your home or office.

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