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Monuments of merit and virtue generally commemorate careers and life stories of people. This stone carving merit stele is in the shape of a dragon and tortoise, which belongs to the characteristic, splendid and lasting stele culture

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Monuments of merit and virtue in ancient temples are generally dragon head steles or dragon tortoise steles. There are many styles of decorative patterns on the head of the dragon head stele. This kind of stone stele has a long history, extensive and profound culture, and has high artistic value, historical data value, and calligraphy value. The evolution of dragon patterns is inextricably linked to Buddhism and Taoism. , These constitute a distinctive, splendid and lasting stele culture, and have an important significance that cannot be ignored in the creation of Chinese civilization.

The special features of this stele of merit are the embossed dragon pattern on the head of the stele and the vivid part of the dragon and turtle base. The dragon turtle base can be divided into 4 parts: head, torso, limbs and tail. The overall image of the head, horns, neck, wings, body, legs and claws have changed the most and are the most typical, which can be used as the main criteria for dividing the era.

All in all, the cultural information conveyed from the merit stele is also changing with the times, such as the proportion and shape of the merit stele, the turtle stele, the dragon head stele, the dragon pattern stele, the position of the orb pattern, and the emergence of cloud patterns. , the use of engraving techniques, etc. The above-mentioned characteristics all show the overall changes of the headstones with dragon patterns from a macro perspective, and these changes can be regarded as the signs of an era and reflect the characteristics of an era.
In terms of stone types, the entire work uses sesame black stone on the base and the top of the stele, but the polished stone is obviously used on the base, while the sesame black on the top is carved with raw stone, so the smooth part is only There are some small corners. The advantage of this processing is that the whole stele has more color changes and is more unpredictable. The tombstone is made of Chinese Shanxi black stone. The use of Shanxi black stone for the stele will make the entire stele surface have a super high brightness and polish. Good Shanxi black is polished like a black mirror. The dark atmosphere of black makes people feel You can’t help but feel the heaviness and solemnity, so most modern stone tablets are processed with black stone. In addition to the improvement of aesthetics, the writing on black tombstones is also the most obvious and clear. There is a dragon tortoise sculpture at the bottom of the stone stele, which is processed with round carving. The stone is bluestone, which is simple and elegant, giving people a different sense of reality.

The culture, art and shape of the entire merit monument are unique and exquisite, and the style is novel and unique. It is a very popular merit monument. It is very good to place it in the ancestral hall, at the entrance of the village, and next to the tomb.
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